Best practice to ensure high quality data for Contacts in Salesforce

Having a database with relevant and up-to-date contact information is necessary to have the right Customer 360 database...

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Why Duplicate Data in Salesforce Is Impacting Your Profits, and How to Fix It

You may already know that duplicate data is a problem, but each moment your salespeople spend fixing the data – instead...

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Salesforce Sales Prospecting: How to Turn Data into Success

Does your sales team spend countless hours gathering prospect data and checking the accuracy of that data? If so, they...

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Data Management Best Practice: Top 6 Fields in Salesforce Contact Object

In this article, we will zero in on the Contact object and discuss what are the top six fields that should be...

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How to Achieve Data Excellence for Business Success

The silver lining to the pandemic is that we survived the challenge of digitally transforming our business models...

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How to Improve Digital Marketing with High Quality Data

Today it's not sufficient to be just data-driven; we need to be quality data-driven. Here are some insights on the...

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