How to Improve Digital Marketing with High Quality Data

Today it's not sufficient to be just data-driven; we need to be quality data-driven. Here are some insights on the...

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AI for Good Data: Manage Duplicates More Accurately and Prevent Future Creation

A look at current strategies & tools to dedupe in Salesforce today, but also an overview of the limitations and why...

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Great Data Will Increase CLV and Grow Revenues

This article shows why data quality is fundamental for Customer Lifetime Value and Client Satisfaction and how AI...

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Improving Data Quality: A Strategy to Increase Productivity and Adoption of Salesforce

To successfully use a CRM, you need to overcome the main challenges connected to the system’s implementation.


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How Data Quality Improves Sales Team Efficiency

Growing a business is a challenging task. Regardless of the metric or strategy, it still all boils down to sales.

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