Best Practices for Deduping Salesforce Data

Published by Stephanie Rijks on October 26, 2022

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As a Salesforce user, you want to know for sure that the data you rely on is valid. When we trust our data, and it’s accurate, we can improve revenue by boosting employee productivity and executing customer-centric buyer journeys.

Whenever you are reaching out to customers or updating records, you want to feel confident that you are working on the correct record. What do you need for that? One piece of the equation is duplicate-free data.

In order to effectively rid your database of duplicate records, you need accurate detection, effective monitoring and easy resolution tactics. Here is where Delpha comes to the rescue.

Delpha is a solution on the Salesforce AppExchange that detects, monitors and merges all duplicate accounts, contacts, cases and leads inside Salesforce. With Delpha you can merge records seamlessly and feel confident that you can attain a true customer 360 view.

How to monitor and manage duplicates in Salesforce?

It’s best to start from the Delpha Duplicate Dashboard. Here you can see how many duplicates exist in your Salesforce org. We use AI to efficiently assess your entire database to discover the data quality issues and duplicates and display them conveniently for you to see the global view of your database’s health. 

In the Delpha Duplicate Dashboard you can see how many duplicates you have over time and if it increases or decreases. In this way Delpha makes it easy for you to monitor and manage your Duplicate data.

Delpha Duplicate Dashboard showing all the detected duplicates in a Salesforce org


How to dedupe Salesforce data with Delpha

There are three different methods your team can use Delpha to dedupe: automatic, large batch or individual processing. Automation and large batch processing are reserved to users with admin licenses, so in this article I will focus on the features for regular Delpha users.

If you are interested in the automation and large batch features then you can find more information here: Delpha Deduplication.

Delpha makes deduping easy and efficient

When you’re working on a specific record, the Delpha assistant will notify you when there are one or more potential duplicates with that record. Delpha displays all the information you need to make a quick and effective decision, such as the confidence score for each duplicate, the similar or different fields and the related profile links in case you want to verify. The value is not having to leave the record where you are working to be able to resolve any duplicate issue related to your current Account, Contact or Lead.

Delpha Duplicate conversation showing two duplicate Salesforce contacts

When you continue in the conversation, Delpha will have already selected the master record based on your admin’s rules. For example, if your company has a unique field that signifies “golden records”, then these can be auto selected as the master record when you are processing duplicates. 

However, you always have the option in the conversation to change the master record before you select the fields you want to merge. Fields will also be auto selected for you in advance, but you can change the values as you desire and then merge with the option to include all related items.

We also provide you with the unique feature to merge all related items so no information is lost in the merge. Simple and easy.

Results of AI duplicate scores when changing the amount of fields inputting into the Delpha model

Same goes for a low duplicate confidence score. It does not necessarily mean the records are not duplicates. It means there are similarities, but also differences between the records. This could mean that they are not duplicates, but it could also mean that the data inside one of the records is incomplete or outdated. 

If the duplicate confidence scores seem odd or incorrect, it’s always possible for your admin to change the importance or weight of each field when fed to our AI model. In this way the calculation of the scores can be customized so that it completely matches your deduplication strategy.

Delpha gives you the power to build trust in your data

There are no limitations to how many duplicate records you can merge. For example; if there are 10 duplicate records for one account, you can merge them all at once in the same conversation.

With Delpha you have full insight and control over your Duplicate data. We assist you in making decisions, but in the end you are the one who decides what rules to apply and which records and fields you want to merge.

And that’s it for deduping Salesforce data with Delpha. Feel free to comment below with any questions or contact us through the chat. We are happy to help you on your journey to Data Excellence!

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